Today in the city St. Pete Beach 28.05.2018

Border patrol violence: US paid $60m to cover claims against the agency

Exclusive: analysis of more than a decade of official data reveals government paid settlements after deaths, alleged assaults and wrongful detentionThe US government has paid out more than $60m in leg...

Pete Rose's $300K Rolls-Royce with 'HITKING' License Plate Shown in TMZ Photos

All-time MLB hits leader Pete Rose owns a Rolls-Royce worth approximately $300,000, and his license plate suggests he wants everyone to know it belongs to him...

After A Year Of Secrecy, Laszlo Bock And Wayne Crosby Break Their Silence On Humu

Today, after a year spent operating under the radar, Laszlo Bock and Wayne Crosby marked Humu’s first anniversary by breaking their silence. “We’ve been super stealthy,” says Bock. “It’s exciting, but...

The foolish race to declare victory in Korea

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. No sooner did the rhetoric surrounding the Korean conflict get dialed down from raging hot to tolerably warm did a previously unthinkable question arise in the media...

Fresno State to hold forums amid controversy over professor's comments about Barbara Bush

Fresno State will hold a community forum on Thursday to address the controversy over Professor Randa Jarrar’s comments attacking the late Barbara Bush.

How This Entrepreneur Made A Career Out Of Photographing Women Around The World

A conversation with the photographer behind the stunning photo book that celebrates the diversity of women around the world.

Kathy Griffin Drops F-Bomb While Taking Back Her Apology To Trump

“This president is different and I have been through the mill and so now I’m back on the road.”

Kmart is selling a graphic sex-ed book in the kid’s section — and parents are fuming

Sex can be an awkward topic for parents to discuss with their kids. To help parents broach the topic, Fiona Katauskas wrote an educational book called "The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made." ...

Miley Cyrus takes back apology for 2008 Vanity Fair portrait

Miley Cyrus, the former “Hannah Montana” star, took back her apology for a photo in Vanity Fair in 2008 that some said was too suggestive for a 15-year-old.

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